Merseyrail Sound Station Podcast | September 2013

Welcome to the sixth monthly podcast from Merseyrail Sound Station – The New Music Network.

Each month we’ll be bringing you a selection of the best new music and news from the Merseyside area, and we’ll have an exclusive live session on each episode with a different artist. This month’s session is an absolute stormer, featuring the smooth soul strains of superstar in the making AMIQUE.

We also play music by The Dirty Rivers, GhostChant, Dominic Dunn, So Sexual and The Thespians, and we look ahead to the pick of the region’s upcoming live shows with Bido Lito! magazine’s Craig G Pennington.

For details of more ways to enter the Merseyrail Sound Station Prize this year, plus information on the prize itself, check out the Prize page HERE.

You can download the podcast for free from iTunes HERE.

Take a look at these exclusive photos by Keith Ainsworth from inside the Tankfield Studios live session with Amique.